Sunday, 18 June 2006

Sunday 18 June - Brisbane

This weekend has been very quiet. I went to the National Archives on Saturday to follow up with more research on William Melchert and his career working as a recruiter on the ships bringing South Sea Islanders to Queensland to work in the canefields. Interestingly, I also found some of the Weinheimer family signing on to work on some of the coastal steamers.

Today was a lovely showery day in Brisbane - and I spent most of it working. This week all of my manuals have to go to the printers so it is really do or die!
Tonight Marc turned up. He is on a project at work and they have finally convinced him to come to Brisbane for a few days. He will be here until his birthday on Wednesday, so we are planning dinner on Tuesday night. He is looking great, as you can see by his photo.


  1. Tell Mark
    happy Birthday

    I have been working on some census for Margaret.
    keep and eye out for Richard Beattie as he was suppose to be on the Southern Cross which was a blackbirding boat.
    Thanks Rhonda

  2. Hello Aunty Chris

    Hows thing? Me i am going really well loving the Sunshine Coast heaps.
    You guys should come up for a visit!! Tell Mark I said Happy Birthday
    Is Nana & Pop still there?

    Love u heaps