Sunday, 25 June 2006

Sunday 25 June - Brisbane

This week we had Marc in Brisbane. He was down here on a work project, and it was wonderful as his birthday was on Wednesday and we all caught up in town for lunch (see the photos).

There is not much to report for this weekend - I went to the City Library on Saturday to do some research on, as they offer the service free of charge. I was able to find a lot of my Scottish ancestors in the 1841 census of Scotland. One great find was that of Agnes Smith, who was living on the same farm as one of her daughters and son-in-law, but under the name of Agnes Young (her maiden name). It is probably not all that unusual for Scottish women, but as I couldn't find her husband Francis, I think he may have already died. It is quite exciting to find her there. It will certainly lead to more research! Today I spend working, but took a break this evening to go for a walk around Spring Hill with Darryl. There are some lovely worker's cottages in this area, which have been done up very nicely, and lots of other interesting houses.

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