Sunday, 16 July 2006

Sunday 16 July - Brisbane

I had a great week this week - it was the third and last of the Super User training. Now they have to go out across the state, and over the next 6 weeks or so, train the other 500 staff in Information Division. It is very exciting for me! I also have my end-user training to do, and will head up to Rockhampton this week, returning Wed 26 July.

Shane came down from Rocky today - he is here to 2 weeks for training - and came around for a really delicious roast pork dinner cooked by Darryl. Of course I took a photo of him! He is looking really happy and healthy! In fact today has been quite exciting around here - first thing this morning there seemed to be a lot of police & fire-engine activity just down the road (Wickham St) so we went for a walk and discovered that someone had crashed their car into the front window of 'Paddy Pallin's' - the tow-trucks were out in force...I think we saw 4 hovering to be the one to pick up the wreck. Apparently the driver was ok - luckily! Later in the morning there was a car at the nearby service station which attracted police attention, and I was wondering what was happening as a paddy-wagon turned up to back up the original vehicle. The police proceeded to search the car carefully and pat down the two guys. Eventually they were handed a pile of yellow papers (defect notices????) and the car was towed away, with the two guys stomping and swearing...

Yesterday I went out to the National Archives at Cannon Hill, and I was excited to find in a  Register of Engagement of Seamen, Thomas Weinheimer, who was engaged on the Sailing Ship 'Croydon' on 21 Aug 1893.

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