Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New Zealand - Post 3

Tuesday 11 Dec

There seemed to be black clouds around, which did not bode well for the day. We had planned our walks at Mt Taranaki, and they would only be successful on a clear day. Despite the clouds we drove to the Southern side visitor center, and by the time we arrived the clouds had cleared and the mountain was looking magnificent. Darryl decided that there was too much snow for him to climb the main peak, so opted for Fantham's Peak (the one on the left in the photo).

I did a couple of the smaller walks, to some pools and a waterfall and had a nice relaxing day. 

Dawson Falls

Darryl completed his walk in an hour less than the minimum time so had pushed himself somewhat.
The hut at the top

Mt Taranaki from Fantham's Peak

Interesting landscape at the top

We both really enjoyed what we completed. A very successful day.

Wednesday 12 Dec
Visited Arthur Davis at Stratford. Unfortunately, since our last visit in 2005, his wife Anne has passed away. At 85 Arthur is still going strong, and still working as a panel beater. He has a fabulous collection of over 4,000 pipes, which he showed us, but could not show us the one he recently purchased for nearly $3000 as it is having some work done on it. We then drove along the Forgotten World Highway, visiting the Douglas Brick Kiln, Strathmore, Pokokura, and Whangamomona Saddles, Moki Tunnel (known as the Hobbit's Hole), Mt Damper Falls, Tangarakau Gorge, Joshua Morgan's grave, Nevin's Lookout and Herlihy's Bluff, before arriving in Taumarunui for the night. Despite this highway only being 155km long, it took us all day to travel, and we didn't even see all the things there were to see along the way. 
Douglas Brick Kiln
Moki Tunnel
Mt Damper Falls
Old logging-era machinery on Moki Road
Joshua Morgan's grave
Herlihy's Bluff

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