Saturday, 29 June 2013

Canada Hols - Jasper National Park

On Friday morning we went to the Hinton Beaver Boardwalk, which was really interesting. The beaver had created several levels of dams, and had a huge lodge in the centre. It was only 80km to Jasper National Park, but the lovely mountains & lakes meant quite a few stops for photos, so it took a while to get there. We were shocked at having to buy a yearly pass at $136 to get in. Pretty Maligne Canyon is eroded into limestone, and has lots of lovely fossils. We also checked out Edith Lake which looked idyllic in this beautiful weather. We checked into our accommodation, Maligne Lodge, then drove up to try out the Jasper Tramway, but decided that it was too late in the afternoon to go, so went to Patricia and Pyramid Lakes. Pyramid Lake has a little island with a wooden walking bridge across to it. While on the island we saw a waterspout on the lake. Apart from all the people also enjoying the island was a red squirrel. It was a very relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

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