Sunday, 16 June 2013

Canada Hols - Juneau Alaska

Wednesday morning was the first morning that I have woken up feeling 'normal' since the trip started. I beat Darryl out of bed, and went up to watch our sailing up the passage from the Crow's Nest. The views were very picturesque. We arrived at Juneau around 9am, and Darryl headed up Mt Roberts (there is a perfectly good cable car going up the mountain, but of course he chose the steep track instead). I had booked my Helicopter and Mendenhall Glacier walking tour. This was absolutely fabulous! It was the first time I had been in a helicopter, and flying up and over the mountains was thrilling. Just as we passed the ridge, there was a steep drop over a cliff. On the way we saw the sheep, and on the back an eagle perched high on a vantage point. This company runs 3 helicopters at a time, and the guides tell you about the glacier, and show features. It was a beautiful sunny day, but of course cold on the glacier. As the glacier is moving, crevasses are opening up all the time, and go down a long way. We also saw a collapsed ice-cave, which had been there only a few days before. Around lunch time Darryl and I caught up again on the ship, then went our separate ways again, me to the public library (cruise ship wifi is extremely expensive), and he to check out the town. We spent time chatting to Bill and Dale before dinner, and I was planning to go to the Filipino Show at 11pm, but went for a nap before-hand and then just couldn't make myself get out of bed to go.

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