Thursday, 11 July 2013

Canada Trip - Canmore to Calgary to Montreal

Wednesday morning was an early start as we had our flight to Montreal at lunch-time. We wanted to drive slowly down the 1A Highway from Canmore to Calgary, and to do it early, in case we saw wildlife on the road. Before leaving Canmore we went to the parklands, but all we saw was a deer in someone's front yard. The only other wildlife the whole way there were two deer in a field. Once again, there were no cattle in the paddocks until we were closer to Calgary. Bill, who we had met on the cruise, had recommended “Outdoor World” as a great place to visit. It is an outdoor sportsman's retailer which also seems to be a museum of Canadian wildlife. There are over 400 taxidermied animals (in real life poses) & mounted game heads all around the huge store. A massive aquarium with native fish, guns galore, compound bows, boats and all the fishing gear, clothing (for men and women), furniture, bespoke furniture, fittings & chandeliers (the big one at the entrance cost $80,000), in fact the whole place was absolutely amazing. Finding suitable fuel around the airport for our hire car was difficult, and then navigating back to the terminal abhorrent due to major roadworks meaning all but one access was cut off. We eventually made it through and onto the flight with a few minutes to spare (we 'both' lost our pocket knives, which we had forgotten were in our backpacks, at security). Shane met us at Montreal airport, and we went to his place by taxi. Jess was at work (night shift), so Shane cooked us a delicious dinner, and I went to bed fairly early while Shane taught Darryl a board game. 

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