Sunday, 21 July 2013

Canada Trip - Toronto

Departure on Thursday morning was at 8:30, and the tour package included breakfast, which wasn't a buffet, as we had expected when we rocked up at 8am, so we had to eat a little quicker than we wanted to as the kitchen was pretty busy. We drove to Toronto where we went up the CN Tower. This was the tallest building in the world for over 30 years until it was beaten by one in Dubai. There were pretty great views of the city from the viewing platform, and a glass floor, which, apparently, would hold the weight of 14 Hippos! From the tower we were taken to the Eaton Centre, a huge shopping mall, The air-conditioning was lovely and cold so we walked through it to get to the Old City Hall (, which had a clock tower that seems to be locally called 'Big Ben'. Strangely, to go inside this 1890's building we had to go through security, and it wasn't until I was stopped by the Police on the security point from taking photos, that we realised it was actually now a Court House. Unfortunately, that meant I couldn't get many photos inside of the beautiful Italian-style tile floor, fancy decorated greek-style columns, magnificent stained glass, or various other interesting decorations (but I managed to get a few!) Here was also Yonge St, the longest street in the world at over 1,800km. From here we went back inside the Eaton Centre and had some lunch at the food court, before window-shopping and getting back to the meeting spot (Dundas Square) to catch the bus at 2pm to head back to Montreal. On the way back we were given a view of the 1000 Islands region, where there are over 1800 islands in Lake Ontario, many of which have homes built on them. There was also the 'Big Apple' stop, a tourist pie-making factory, which smelled delicious, and all the produce looked fantastic, although Darryl said his apple turnover didn't have enough apple in it for his liking.    

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