Sunday, 23 August 2015

Asian Adventure - Guilin

We slept well, especially Darryl, who slept in. As for breakfast, all I need say is BACON!!! Of course there were other foods, but it was very nice to have bacon again (only the second time since we have been in China). 

It was only a short walk from our hotel to the Elephant Hill viewpoint along the river. This whole city is quite beautiful with 2 rivers and 4 lakes, lovely mountains and plenty of trees and vegetation. 

Click to play video (1min 28sec)

Our van, a purple Buick, picked us up and there was about a minute's drive to Mount Fubu, which is named in honour of a general who conquered Vietnam.

 It was quite funny, we found out the Vietnamese call the Chinese 'boat people' as the invasion happened that way. There were very good views from the top of Mt Fubu, as well as an interesting cave which bordered the river. 

Click to play video (1min 38sec)

A few kilometres away was Reed Flute Cave, which was very beautiful. There was also a very impressive multimedia projection onto the bare limestone ceiling showing the formation of the cave. 

Click to play video (1min 33sec)

Lunch was at a nearby restaurant, with a spicy beef dish, a chicken dish, broccoli and rice. The afternoon was ours to relax, and the guide gave us directions to a supermarket for coffee and snacks, and then amazingly, by ourselves, we found a Pharmacy, and with the help of Darryl's translation sheet managed to buy a pack of paracetamol – unbelievable! Then it was back to the cool of the hotel for a nap before we headed out again around sunset. One of the lakes nearby was surrounded by lovely gardens and lit up. In the centre was what they called the 'twin towers', two pagodas which looked quite stunning. 

Click to play video (1min 30sec)

Back in the market streets, Darryl bought Squid Balls, Squid on a stick (which you dust in chilli), and I bought Durian, which was delicious.

The bed in this hotel is huge – actually square. We have learned to put out the 'do not disturb' sign each night to stop the knocking on the door by someone wanting to give us a 'message' actually a massage!

Here are a few of the sculptures which were decorating the hallway of our hotel.

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