Thursday, 20 August 2015

Asian Adventure - Zhangjiajie (Yuanjiajie/Jangjiajie) - Day 1

I didn't sleep very well, but the breakfast was acceptable. This hotel looked good at first sight, but we couldn't get the tv working, and water leaked under the shower water bar leaving large wet patches on the bathroom floor. No soap or any bathroom products were supplied (lucky we had our own soap). 


A hint of what we are going to see
The guide and driver collected us at 8:30am and we drove about 30 mins to Wulingyuan Scenic Area, through many tunnels.

It was absolutely stunning. This area was the inspiration for Avatar and also used for the filming of Monkey Magic. I don't know if the photos can do it justice. There were a lot of people in the area. 

The guide was tiny compared to Darryl, she couldn't believe the size of his feet

We went to the top (Huangshi Stockaded Village) by cable-car. The first big surprise was the monkeys! They are endemic here. We walked around the 3km circuit enjoying the views of various peaks. 

Click to play video (4min 33sec)

We then descended again in the cable-car, to the restaurant to have lunch. This consisted of mushroom soup, boiled cabbage, the local dish of salty, oily spicy pork, and a pork and rice dish. It was quite nice but there did not seem to be enough food to cater for all. After this, we walked through the valley for the 7.5km back to the bus stop where we caught the bus back to Yuanjiajie. While the guide helped me with the tv, Darryl went to collect our hand washed laundry, which cost about three times as much as in Australia to do, (and was not happy to find his pants and socks still hanging beside the street dust drying).

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