Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Cooloola Day 1

Woke up fairly early, around 5am, and had our breakfast.
Darryl paddled about 7.5 km upstream to just past a 120 degree bend in the Noosa River while I kept moving the solar panel. 

We had an early visit from a Scrub Turkey. There were a couple of goannas which kept circling through our campsite, and at one stage the biggest one decided that the best place to warm up was on our solar panel. Luckily it was up against the car, otherwise, it may have fallen over. I soon sent him on his way. 

A few March flies were also soon dispatched. Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flew over a few times, and there were lots of other birds chirping away, but generally keeping out of sight. I did hear Channel-bill Cuckoos very early. Other birds were the Dollar Birds, Willy Wagtails, and doves. 


There was a 'nature walk' along the bank of the river and we went upstream finding lots of interesting things to photograph, including many wildflowers, such as the native Tibouchina, Xanthorrea, Banksia, Hops, Sundew, along with ferns, palms, and Scribbly Gums. It started to get very hot at the campsite after lunch, so we took our chairs down to a jetty and Darryl had a nap while I read, (which is so much more enjoyable now with my new glasses), enjoying the cool breezes coming off the water. 

Later we went for a walk down to look at Harry Spring's Hut, before happy hour, dinner and an early night. Water Dragon, 2 turtles, fish.

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