Thursday, 10 November 2016

Bateman's Bay - Drummer Rest - Day 9

Darryl went for a walk on the beach and picked up a large yellow bucket and filled it with rubbish, which we later put in a bin in town. 

Bateman's Bay has Aldi, Coles and Woolies all in one big shopping area. Just to the south is an interesting Botanic Gardens where we stopped for morning tea. The GPS took us off the highway to the Riverside Drive at Narooma, which was great as it was a lovely spot for lunch, beside the inlet. 

We left New South Wales and just into Victoria found Drummer Rest Area for the night. Darryl went on a bit of the walk while I cooked dinner.  Light rain was falling so we had dinner and went to bed early (before 7pm). Initially we were the only ones there  but after Darryl went to sleep a 'whizz-bang' arrived, and parked almost on top of us (despite there being plenty of other room). 

In the middle of the night they got up and it sounded like there were 20 people in the van with the number of times the door opened and closed. I feel they were very inconsiderate with the girl laughing loudly several times. It is times like this that I just cannot understand people!

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