Thursday, 8 June 2017

Blackdown Tableland - 2

First thing we went for a bit of a reconnoitre around the campsite to see what the other sites were like. While we were away the Currawongs (I suspect), stole my pink solar battery! We searched around but couldn't find it.

Even though we started out quite late, Darryl convinced me to join him on an 'easy' walk down Spring and Stoney Creeks. At first we had quite a bit of trouble finding the track. At one point Darryl mentioned that he was quite worried about not seeing the track when we finally stumbled on it. It isn't a very well marked track. We followed it down, and at times it had stone markers, and at other times it disappeared altogether again. 

We stopped to eat and discussed going back, but decided not to, and almost immediately we were rewarded with some rock art. Child and adult hand stencils under an overhang. 


We continued on, but didn't get to the escarpment, and eventually turned back. I had a bit of a fall and hurt my knee and leg. 

A new neighbour turned up, a photographer in a yellow combi-van. Tony was an avid photographer and thoroughly enjoyed the birdlife. He even set up speakers with bird sounds to call them in.


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