Sunday, 14 November 2004

4X4 Club Xmas Party

13 November 2004

It is a stinking hot day in Rockhampton. The party is held at Upper Ulam Camping Reserve, so we head out with a group at about 12:15. A beautiful lunch spread is provided with cold meats and salads, and we all eat as we try to shelter from the heat. Awards are given out to some of the members, and in the afternoon a hot and sweaty Santa arrives (by 4X4 of course) to distribute pressies to the kids. As the afternoon cools slightly, various activities occur - some take off to 'play' with their cars while other play bocce, french cricket, or test out the Karaoke machine. I was happy just to chat and try to keep cool, but ended up with a migraine. Most were staying to camp, but we returned home around 9pm where I took some aspalgin, and put a cold pack on my head and a hot pack on my feet until I got some relief.

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