Thursday, 8 September 2022

Trip to Greece & Spain - Day 38

We arrived in Brisbane at 6am...but had to wait until night for our flight to Rocky. Because of the long wait, we took  an Uber to catch up with Darryl's mother at Chermside shopping centre. Unfortunately the flight was delayed again! 

Thankfully, Marc picked us up.

It was great to be home!

Now I had to organise our Insurance claim! This was the first ever time I have used it, in all the trips we've had (23 years of internaional travel).

PS - Our Insurance company paid up in full, as I had every receipt and it all documented (there were a couple of minor things they knocked back, but all in all I was very relieved). I had used the complimentary insurance provided with my Credit Card, and found them to be excellent. Mind you, I kept every receipt and made a spreadsheet of expenditure to make it easy for me to claim and them to verify all expenses between the supposed boarding of the cruise and embarking at the other end.


It was compulsory to wear masks on all public transport in Greece and Barcelona but very few wore masks in Greece. 

The streets in Athens are mostly designed for a time when horse and carts were used and now drivers need to be agressive to get anywhere during peak times but this does not excuse them from using the breakdown lane. In fact, some smiled as they tailgated police as they forced openings through the lines of traffic.

Our apartment at Alykes, overlooked the narrow one way street below and a few times a day, selfish, entitled, drivers would pull up in the middle of the road blocking all traffic, including busses, to duck in for a few minutes to pick up something from the shop or pizza place below oblivous to the sound of hornes.

It was great to catch up with the family but it was unfortunate to miss out on the cruise after catching Covid and having to arrange alternative transport and accomodation.

We were at Athens during peak tourist season and it seemed like everyone in the world was taking their first opportunity to travel since the start of Covid.

I liked Barcelona with its wide streets and many parks and wish we had spent more time there.

I am so over long flights with long delays between flights.....

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Trip to Greece & Spain - Day 36

We decided, (due to the weirdness of 2 different train systems/comapnies) that we needed to practice getting the train to the airport. After that we had lunch at Sol Placa.

A laneway market

Ribs for me

Eventually, we arrived at the airport and discovered that our flight to Zurich was delayed. This meant that once  we landed in Zurich we had to run, with about 15 others, to next gate. We made it but some took a wrong turn! I really don't know if they made the flight or not.

We were really disappointed by the Singapore ridiculous security check man checking boarding passes and also handing out trays one at a made the whole process very slow.

Monday, 5 September 2022

Trip to Greece & Spain - Day 35

 Today we took Metro into the city then walked down Diagonal...

Cases Antoni Rocamora

Casa Enric Laplana/casa Estapé

Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona

Deatil of the sculpture on the Arco

More Gaudi inspired seating

I hope this is a sculpture, otherise it is the worst wiring I've seen

Even the Lego Store has Gaudi exhibits

Castell dels Tres Dragons (Castle fo the Three Dragons)

Platforms inside the International Train Station

Ceiling inside the International Train Station

Lunch at Plaça Comercial

Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

A Carnivore's paradise!

Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

Requesens Palace

Requesens Palace

Medieval Tower of Santa Agata Chapel. (also known as King's Chapel), in the heart of Barri Gotic (gothic quarter)

Palau del Lloctinent

We went to to the Magic Fountain but unfortunately it didn't run the display on Sunday or Monday, so we missed seeing it in action.