Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Blackdown - 7 Oct

The start of the convoy, Tony & Louella arrived towing their loan camper

Darryl had taken off to take photos of the birdlife at O'Shaunessey Park

The pair of black swan had previously had 3 chicks, but we couldn't see them today

Maned Duck

A Grey Teal ?

Pacific Black Duck

On the road, heading west

Our destination "Blackdown Tableland" is ahead

We have arrived! (Well at the start of the park at least) Just over 3 hours from Rocky (but including a stop at the Dingo Roadhouse for morning tea

Some nice views on the way up

Horseshoe Lookout

Across the escarpment

Alphitonia (Soap Plant)

Lots of Hoyas

Louella getting her shots

Some nasty looking thorns

Our camp set up

It didn't take long for the cheeky Currawongs to check us out (he's just flying away at the left)

A very loud and distinctive call from the Currawong

Dell and Al arrived just on dark, and enjoyed their dinner heated on the campfire

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Goodedulla National Park - 6 Sep

We packed and continued to drive the boundary of the park, passing the different Scrubs and enjoying the huge Bottle-trees.

Morning tea was under some trees, where we were beside Balcomba Station (seen past the sign above). 

Dell got a Science lesson on Ant-lions. Further down the track we went through a stand of Rosewood with their dark flakey bark. We were surprised to realise they are an Acacia. 

Lunch was at one of the creek crossings, and although there was a nice spot beside the waterhole, it was covered in cattle pads, so Darryl cleared the thistle under a bush so we had a cool shady spot to enjoy our food.

Coming out there were lots of gates, and on Rookwood we stopped at the gravestone for photos. 

Sarah Jane PHIPPEN - wife of James REID - died 12 March 1875 the day her daughter was born

After that we wanted to check out the location of the new Rookwood Dam, so went down Thirsty Creek Road, to Hanrahan's Crossing. We were surprised to find bridge work in full swing at Riversleigh Crossing, and much of Thirsty Creek Road sealed. 

From here it was back to the highway and home. Despite our bit of adversity, we had a great few days.