Sunday, 28 November 2004

Great Weekend @ CQFHA

Quite a busy weekend...on Saturday morning the CQ Family History Association had the launch of their new book - "Battler's Tales" by J Grant Pattison. It is a collection of local stories from early last century, which were originally published in the newspaper. Darryl went down to help put up the marquee, and I went down later for the launch (see the picture of the car which is featured on the front cover of the book). I had quite a long chat to Rusty Hall (husband of Marion, who is in the society).

I first met Rusty several years ago, when he was looking at doing accredited training. He is an ex-fireman, and now does training in fire prevention etc. He recently came along to educate the CQ Off-Road Club about correct use of extinguishers. He keeps very fit with cycling and swimming, and is preparing for Adventure Racing (he has previously competed in triathlons).

On Saturday night Darryl and I headed out to the Criterion for the Xmas Party for the Special School Staff. It was the first time that I had met these people that he has been working with all year, and they all seem really nice. The meal was very tasty, and there was a guy doing Karaoke and it was pretty amazing how quickly the time passed - we were really enjoying ourselves!

Sunday was quiet, and I caught up on some housework. In the evening we had a bbq and Marc came over. He had really enjoyed his previous weekend at the Gold Coast, where he went to see the 'Ultimate Fight'. Shane arrived home a bit later (around 8pm) from his holiday to Cairns. He seems tired (from all the driving, I guess), but enjoyed himself.

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