Monday, 24 January 2005

New Year & January

Well - a pretty quiet ringing-in. I watched TV, Darryl slept! The first day of the year, though, was not a good one for me....we had to shift the concrete laundry tubs out of the way, so that Darryl could put new cement on the floor (the old slab had been undermined by water and rats and had cracked badly and sunk). Lifting the tubs was not bad, and I did it very carefully, the correct way, but it was putting it down which was the problem. I got to about 10cm from the ground and my lower back 'popped'. I was in very bad pain, and could barely move for quite a few days. Luckily, Rhonda looked after me very well by providing a heat lamp, and plenty of Genealogical research material to keep me occupied (of course, Darryl also looked after me - he didn't make me do any more work! And, he kept me fed etc).

Luckily, my back healed reasonably quickly (it is still just a bit tender), and I was able to get back to work. Darryl drove back to Rocky in the Hilux (I brought the Camry back), and he stayed for a couple of days and then returned to continue painting, and cleaning. He came back this week to go to school for the two student-free days, and is now on long-service leave. He heads back to the farm tomorrow. We have it on the market, as we have not had any interest from anyone to rent it.

Work is pretty busy at the moment. Quite a few people are still away, and the beginning of the year is always busy with new staff needing training. Shane has been flat tack.

The photo is of Shane and I!