Thursday, 13 April 2006

Unit 24, 448 Ann St, Brisbane

This is our new home at the Metropolis Apartments in Brisbane


  1. Hey Chris, are you guys Brisbaneites now? and living in the big smoke.... we will have to catch up , I'm still at Sandgate and come into the city often, looks like a nice apartment, what made you move down this way?

    Regards Grahame Wease

  2. Hi Grahame!
    Yes - we are here for a while - I ahve been seconded for work till the end of August. I am working on a project. I went to see Status Quo and Deep Purple the other night with Margaret Goody (I hadn't realised she was down here, but a mutual friend organised it)!
    Give us a call on 3839 1581 (home), 3636 2048 (work), 0419 673 781 (mobile).
    Sorry, I didn't get your message earlier, but it has taken ages for me to get the phone and then get my internet transferred down here.