Monday, 12 June 2006

Monday 12 June - Brisbane

This week we have had George and Eileen (Darryl's parents) with us from Gladstone. It was lovely to have them with us, although I was away at work most of the time. They caught up with Lionel, and spent time checking out the shopping centres. Eileen and I had a lovely coffee and cake on Saturday morning at Tognini's Bistro, which is just next door.
We put them on the train on Sunday morning.

I have spent most of the weekend working due to pending deadlines, but we will be happy to have a day or two off, later when things quieten down, and when it isn't a busy public holiday (the traffic 'copter on the news was showing solid double lanes of cars all the way from Caboolture to Brisbane!)

Tonight there was a lovely sunset over the Royal Brisbane I have attached a photo.

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