Monday, 3 July 2006

Monday 3 July - Brisbane

Wow - what a week! I had the first lot of Super Users to train in the new processes - the whole reason I have been here in Brisbane. It went very well considering it was a course never delivered before. Of course, after review, there were improvements to make, but on the whole I am very happy, and now am off to repeat it this week and next.

On Friday night Darryl and I headed out to visit my cousin Peter, his wife Kim and children Kelli and James, who were also being visited by his sister Paula and her partner from Adelaide. It was lovely to catch up with them all again. Over the weekend we planned to go camping and on Saturday morning packed up the car and headed north. We headed to Bribie Island, and had lunch then walked to the beach and saw dolphins just off the beach. We also took a walk near their arts centre..although the tracks petered out just out of sight of the centre! We also checked out their WWII Bunker which is in a dilapidated state with no history information and lots of graffiti. Nothing really inspired us to stay so we decided to investigate the Glasshouse Mountains. We found the lookout, and a bridal party soon turned up. We thought then that we would look for a place to camp, but once again couldn't find anywhere interesting, and drove as far north as Landsborough. I noticed on one of our brochures that there was a National Parks campsite at Coochin Creek, so we tried there. It was fully booked, so finally we decided to head home. (Probably not a bad idea, as by all accounts it was a pretty cold night!) At least the car had a bit of a run, which was one of Darryl's main aims.

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  1. Dear Chris, Great to hear what you have been doing. It sounds as though your job is really challenging and that you are really enjoying it. Great Photos. Life goes on much the same here. We have survived accreditatioin which put a lot of stress throughout the place. I had 7 for Trend yesterday - miss you epecially whern I go over to ISU. Shane is looking after me in his usual helpful self.
    Take care Regards to Darryl too Dell