Sunday, 30 July 2006

Saturday 29 July 2006 - up to the morning

I have just had an interesting couple of weeks. As you know, Shane was in Brisbane, and visited us. Then on Tuesday night I flew to Rocky. I was quite excited about going back to see everyone, but home wasn't quite the same. There are 3 households in one and as a result there is not much room - the only place I could find suitable to put down some mattresses was in the middle of the lounge-room floor. None of my stuff was in the right place, so it didn't quite feel 'right'. Marc picked me up from the airport and then helped me get the Camry back on the road. Darryl had disconnected the battery (which was new just before we left) and it started easily, but the tyres were down (the one with the very slow leak was down to 10 psi) and Marc thankfully came to the rescue with his 12 volt air pump.

It really was great to catch up with everyone again at work, and my training went well. On the weekend I was pleased to have a sleep-in and then did a bit of shopping before heading out to the Family History Society to catch up with everyone there. On Sunday I mowed...yes I said MOWED!!! This is the first time in my life! Shane has been doing it, but it was raining the weekend he came to Brisbane, and by the time I got there the seed heads were looking pretty untidy, so I pulled out the non-motorised one and did the footpath. I also fixed some loose palings from the fence and did a bit of pruning. I also washed all weekend as the linen in the cupboard was smelling very musty.

Monday saw me training again, and once again this went well. I headed back to Brisbane on Wednesday night, and it really felt like I was coming home. Darryl was very pleased to see me too! On Thursday evening I went out to 'The Banyan Tree' Indian restaurant at New Farm with a large group of people from work to farewell Sharon, who is heading overseas shortly for a holiday. The food was delicious, but I am dubious that it was all gluten-free, as they had told me, as I had some effects the next day. Shane came over to see us on Friday evening, before flying back to Rockhampton.

Yesterday Darryl convinced me to go to the river to look at an interesting sailing ship, and I discovered that it was the replica Duyfken, built originally in 1606 and the first dutch vessel to come to Australia. There was a large lineup of people, but I managed to get a few good shots.

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