Sunday, 6 August 2006

Sunday 6 August 2006 - Brisbane

This week included another trip back to Rocky - from Wed to Friday - to do more training. It seems to be colder there than in Brisbane - although I will admit I am comparing it to the centre of town, and where I am working. The weather was beautiful, though, and it was nice to see Marc and Shane once more. I surprised those at the CQ Family History Association by rocking up to the general meeting on the Wednesday evening. They had a very good speaker, talking about the CQ special collection out at the University Library. I made some notes on things that I will have to follow up next time I am in town!

Yesterday was my monthly User Group meeting for 'The Master Genealogist' which is the family tree program I use. It is very interesting to find out new ways to do things in this very powerful program. Today I headed out to Gaythorne to the Qld Family History Society to try and sort out where William Melchert actually lived in Arthur Terrace. I was still not able to get an actual house number, but I was certainly able to narrow down the search. I checked Post Office directories (I had consulted these years ago, but had not recorded enough information) and was able to determine neighbours and also surrounding streets. The trouble was that two streets mentioned were not in the Gregory's Street Directory! I was able to find some old maps at the society and was able to see that those two streets had changed names. I now have at least one block in which to search - and I know which side of the street!

I will finish off with a couple of photos from last weekend - Graham and Diane Smith and I, and some of the sculptures down at New Farm Park.

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