Monday, 18 September 2006

Monday 18 September 2006 - Brisbane

We just had a great weekend! On Saturday I had a good time at the National Archives in Brisbane finding more trips to the South Sea Islands by William Melchert, and even found what I think is the first trip north by Richard Bindon (Darryl's great grandfather) on the 'Moonta'.

On Saturday Shane, Adam and Kathlene turned up from Rocky and we headed down to catch the CityCat to the Regatta Hotel to celebrate Kelly and Drew's marriage - they had eloped to Vanuatu and were married on 17 August. We had a fantastic night and got home well after midnight. On Sunday morning Adam and Kathlene (who stayed with us) went to the Pancake Church and caught up with the rest of the gang from the night before. We had a quiet morning, but in the afternoon went over to

St John's Anglican church (across the road from us) for a tour, and then around the city to photograph all the statues (I'll put them up shortly in the photos area too).

Hey - I forgot to tell you that last Saturday while I was waiting on Platform 2 down at Central Station a steam train chugged past...just magic!

I have attached some old postcards of Brisbane - St John's at the top, Roma St Station in the middle and Queen Street.

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