Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Wednesday 6 September - Brisbane

You know how sometimes your imagination runs away with you and you think that you have a spider crawling down your back? Well, I thought that was happening while I was up in the balloon - but it was true! A spider crawled from my neck down my back and bit me 12 times! I didn't realise that it had bitten me until the next morning...when I found the bites. The good thing is that it can't have been too poisonous as I am still here....and alright...well...maybe....

I have also had an MRI done on my knee, and the bad news is that I have torn the cartilage. The doc says that I probably should have an operation, but I am trying a home remedy for the pain first and will only have the operation as a last resort.

The boys got home safely from New Zealand, although Shane hurt his ankles. I will attach some photos once I get them. They both said they had a fantastic time.

This last weekend was a very social one for us. On Saturday I went to my TMG (Master Genealogist) User Group and gave a talk on using the iPAQ (handheld computer) along with Pocket Genealogist, which syncs with TMG. Everyone in the group wants one now for Christmas! On Saturday night we went out to The Gap to visit my Aunty Val. Peter and Kim and their children, Kelly and James also came over for the dinner, as well as Julie, Karl and their son Lachlan. It was a very lovely evening.

On Sunday, it was the bi-annual Family History Fair being held at Mt Gravatt Showgrounds, so of course I couldn't miss that! I had a quick walk around, checked out the stall for Central Qld Family History and was talking to someone from the TMG group when I was pleasantly surprised to see Rhonda and Phil, our friends from Gin Gin. (Phil had told me that rain had stopped the sugar cane crushing and I had suggested they come down for the weekend, but they decided to surprise us!) Rhonda and I thoroughly enjoyed the displays and a talk by Shauna Hicks on Victorian Public Record Office research on the net, while Phil rested his knee and listened to Bush Poetry under the shady trees. They stayed the night with us, and headed off home in the morning.

The photos are:
Darryl, myself, Julie and Karl
Kelly and James (at the back), Kim, Peter, Lachlan and Val
Rhonda, myself and Phil

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