Sunday, 8 October 2006

Monday 9 September 2006 - Brisbane

This last week I worked until Wednesday. This was to do some finalisation work after go-live. On Thursday Darryl and I headed to State Archives where he helped me with looking up number on microfilm and also finding the required files in the packages. It made the process extremely quick and we got through heaps of packages during the day. On Friday Darryl rode his bike to Mt Cootha and I headed back to the Archives alone as I had to get more numbers to give him. I also looked up a couple of police record files, which were very interesting (one was James Alexander Smith and the other John Thomas Morris - one from each side of the family!) At night, we headed down the the riverside walkway to take photos of the Storey Bridge (see above) which had been lit up with pink lights in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness week.

On Saturday, my lack of internet got to me and I headed to the City Library to catch up on any important mail. In the afternoon, I decided to try and buy a pair of the shoes I like (Magic Carpet) which are only available through selected chemists. I thought that I would go to Toombul Shopping Town, where I had been told I could get them, and sms'd Sue to catch up for coffee. Unfortunately, the chemist there no longer stocks them, but Sue and I had a great time, before I caught a bus back home.

Sunday dawned as a beautiful day, and I was up really early as it was the day Bec (Sue's daughter) and I were booked to climb the Storey Bridge! It is one of only 3 bridge climbs in the world. Sue picked me up and Darryl rode over and met us at the office. The preparation seemed to take ages, with 11 of us going through indemnities, blood alcohol testing, suiting up, safety, and removal of watches and even earrings! Once we had our harnesses on, there was even a simulator 'bridge' to show how to ensure the safety latches moved over the joins etc. At last we were heading out and up onto the bridge....there was a walkway built specially underneath by the climb company and it seemed to shake a bit when cars were going overhead, but once we were on the actual structure of the bridge there was no movement at all. I was wondering how we would actually get from underneath the bridge to above the traffic, but it was really easy through a hooded staircase going through the bridge and it seemed like no time at all until we were heading up the steepest stairs above the traffic. The views were spectacular, and we were kept enthralled by the tour guide's talk about the history of the bridge, history of Brisbane and pointing out of various landmarks. The 2 1/2 hours just flew by, and it was certainly something that Bec and I will remember for a long time, and recommend to everyone.

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