Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Wednesday 4 October 2006 - Brisbane

Go-live was exciting. I headed into InfoService Centre early, and it was decorated up beautifully (see the photo above). These guys were really prepared and all seemed fine. The big hit on the system happened just before 9am when lots of people obviously arrived for work and tried to log in. Due to the same restrictions on licences as the previous application lots couldn’t get in and there were a few hiccoughs, but all-in-all I think it went well.

On Saturday I took the train to the Qld Family History Society library and did lots of school records research. Sunday was really exciting for us as we headed up to Toowoomba to attend the Butler Family Reunion at Drayton Hall.


The photo is of Donna Channing (one of the organisers), Hilda Mann (the eldest surviving child of the reunion couple), and Shirley Eaton (Hilda's daughter).

Sydney Edward Butler married Beatrice Maud Smith 4 Jul 1906, and many descendants attended the reunion. Arthur Smith, my great-grandfather, was Maud’s brother. There were lots of photos, which were displayed beautifully, lots of food and it was lovely to meet all the people who had previously only been names in my tree (see the group photo below).

Today is my last day working on the project in Brisbane, and I am taking leave until the end of the month. At this stage we head back to Rockhampton on 16 Oct.

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