Sunday, 26 November 2006

Monday 27 November - Rockhampton

Things have really slowed down apart from work! The other weekend I had library duty at the Family History Association, but no-one turned up who needed help, so I was able to do some of the mundane stuff that I always mean to get around to.....

This weekend there was a Scottish Research Seminar being held in Gladstone. They had a speaker come up from Brisbane who was quite good. He really focused on the sorts of research that can be done from Australia, and although I know quite a bit about it, I still learnt some new hints. I drove down with a couple of others from our Rocky club, and then on return dashed into home to change clothes, pick up Darryl and then head out to Gracemere swimming pool for the Xmas breakup for the 4x4 club. It was very nice surrounds, although a little cool to swim, and the bbq food was really tasty!

Yesterday, Darryl headed down to Gin Gin to the farm. We have people coming to look at it, one lot interested in buying and a few to rent. He has a bit of cleaning up work to do, so will be there most of the week.

Since I don't have any photos from this week, I thought I would add one of Marc wake-boarding, (which he does most weekends, including this one, and sometimes even during the week), on the Fitzroy River. I have also added one of his boat (which he owns in half share with his mate Thommo).

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Wednesday 15 Nov 2006 - Rockhampton

We have had a pretty quiet week this week, with nothing much happening. Darryl & I were down at the PA Hotel selling tickets in the raffle for the CQ Offroad Club on Saturday, and I did a bit of family history research in the afternoon.

Shane has just flown to Brisbane. He will be working on a project for 12 months. It was a bit sad waving him goodbye, but I know that he will do really well, and will enjoy the challenges and problem solving. (The photo is of Shane and his friends who came to the airport to also see him off).

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Wednesday 8 November 2006 - Rockhampton

Well, we are back in Rocky for a few months. I started back at work on Monday 30 Oct, and am on another project. Darryl is happily back into the swing of his cycle to Mt Archer and then walking up and down.

Last week saw me right into for a few days while they had free access, and I was able to download over 100 pages of census information to help with my family history. There was a wonderful moment when I solved a long mystery and found the family of Elizabeth Parker. Amazingly in Pembridge, only 7 miles from Leominster, where her future spouse William Henry Anderson was born! It will now take some weeks for me to get all the information into my genie program.

Great news! Shane has been made permanent at work, and has been offered a position on a project in Brisbane. He is not as excited about this as me, as he doesn't like Brisbane all that much..... If he takes it up, it will be a great opportunity for him...and give him a challenge.

Also great is raining lightly outside and the radar is showing more rain coming!