Monday, 18 December 2006

Tuesday 19 December 2006 - Rockhampton

Aaaarrrrggghhhh - I have been off work for a week with Chicken Pox! I always thought you couldn't get it twice, and had it previously in 1966. Finally, after a week of being very spotty and itchy my Doctor has said that I am no longer contagious! He said that while it is rare to get it twice, it can happen, and it usually after a long he said I should be fine for

another 40 years now!  I also think that I might be allergic to the Phenergon I took the first night, as I suffered terrible pain in the bones in my arms and legs all through the night....... Darryl has been as supportive as he can be, but I have been sleeping a lot and had headaches. But, today I feel a lot better.

Marc has been busy each afternoon, after work, building himself a cabinet to house his 'media centre'. He bought a Nintendo Wii which is a lot of fun - I have even had a game of tennis against Jill, and I lost miserably...but I put that down to being sick! He also has bought a
projector and it will replace his TV with a 2m projection on the wall. It will be quite exciting to
see the whole thing finished.

I haven't taken any photos this, you are not going to get a shot of the spots! So I thought I would put in a lovely shot of a Jacaranda in full bloom which I took while still in Brisbane. It is just outside the Botanic Gardens.

Saturday, 9 December 2006

Sunday 10 December 2006 - Rockhampton

I suppose you can expect it at this time of year, but the last couple of weeks seems to have been jam-packed with Christmas breakups!

On 30 November I had a really enjoyable evening at the Graeme Connors Concert. You can check out his website by clicking HERE

It was also the culmination of Movember - a month where men grow moustache's to raise money for men's health. We had a crew at work participating, but also at Marc's work. Marc grew a lovely one!

Last weekend we had our work party at the Sea Spray Units at Cooee Bay. On Saturday it
was very windy (as you will be able to tell from the photos), which didn't do very well for the wedding being held on the beach at 3.30pm. We all had a great time, some more than others...with tales of some hardy souls walking across Ross Creek at low tide (some unearthly hour of the morning) to by meat pies from the back of the bakery at Yeppoon!
Shane and Brett (tattoo designed by Shane)

Brenda, Chris and Sue

Kat and Shane

Darryl and I
Dave and Darryl take cooking on the BBQ very seriously

Gary, Steve and Darryl

Darryl headed off to the farm at Gin Gin early in the week, to do a last-minute tidy-up before the new tenants moved in. They are South Africans who have lived for a few years in Ireland.

On Wednesday evening I attended the Xmas Meeting for the CQ Family History Assoc, where we had quite an enjoyable evening. Our meeting was punctuated by a few games..some a bit harder than teaching us to write in Kanji, and concluded with a Xmas supper.

Yesterday we had the Xmas breakup for the Bushwalking Club. We headed down to Farnborough (at the coast) in the early afternoon, as several of the group, including Darryl were heading off cycling. I stayed behind at Dot's place and later in the afternoon others turned up and when the cyclists returned from their 30-odd kilometers, we all adjourned to the nearby Woodbury Tennis Club for the party. Santa (Graham) and his helper (Dot) gave out gifts and everyone enjoyed the catch-up. We did not end up camping overnight at Dot's place with the others as it was a bit showery and blowy (although with the drought the way it is, we are all saying 'bring it on'!)

Darryl at Woodbury

Santa with his helper!

Wednesday, 6 December 2006