Monday, 18 December 2006

Tuesday 19 December 2006 - Rockhampton

Aaaarrrrggghhhh - I have been off work for a week with Chicken Pox! I always thought you couldn't get it twice, and had it previously in 1966. Finally, after a week of being very spotty and itchy my Doctor has said that I am no longer contagious! He said that while it is rare to get it twice, it can happen, and it usually after a long he said I should be fine for

another 40 years now!  I also think that I might be allergic to the Phenergon I took the first night, as I suffered terrible pain in the bones in my arms and legs all through the night....... Darryl has been as supportive as he can be, but I have been sleeping a lot and had headaches. But, today I feel a lot better.

Marc has been busy each afternoon, after work, building himself a cabinet to house his 'media centre'. He bought a Nintendo Wii which is a lot of fun - I have even had a game of tennis against Jill, and I lost miserably...but I put that down to being sick! He also has bought a
projector and it will replace his TV with a 2m projection on the wall. It will be quite exciting to
see the whole thing finished.

I haven't taken any photos this, you are not going to get a shot of the spots! So I thought I would put in a lovely shot of a Jacaranda in full bloom which I took while still in Brisbane. It is just outside the Botanic Gardens.

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