Saturday, 27 January 2007

Sunday 28 January 2007 - Rockhampton

We have had a couple of quiet weekends. I went to see the movie Eragon, which I quite enjoyed. The good news is that Shane is back in Rockhampton for a couple of weeks, working with his project team, and his paperwork has finally been signed, so he is officially on the project. My contract has been extended for another 3 months, so that sees us here in Rocky at least until the end of April.

Australia Day was quite a nice day, we went down to Yeppoon to see the big Australia Day Festival they were holding on the beach. The sand sculptures were much to look at, but the kites were certainly colourful. We had been planning to swim, but it wasn't nice swimming
weather, so we had a counter lunch at the pub, and listened to some of the musical entertainment. It has been pleasant to have a long weekend, but today is an absolute scorcher here in Rocky - we have just hit 36.3oC and there is also very high humidity.

I have been extremely busy with family history, and am still trying to sort through a deluge of information sent to me by other contacts. One, on Darryl's side, has basically doubled the tree! This is the Trembath line, which I am still trying to unfathom.

Melchert Family circa 1910
Standing at back - Henry Melchert, Arthur Douglas Smith
2nd row - Lizzetta Andersen (nee Melchert), William Frederick Martin Melchert, Elizabeth Melchert (nee Weinheimer), Clara Smith (nee Melchert) infant - Arthur Smith
Sitting - Alfred Andersen, Lizzie Andersen, Bill Smith
Front - Cornelius Kenealy

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