Sunday, 18 February 2007

Sunday 18 February 2007 - Rockhampton

Nothing major is happening at present. Shane has gone back to Brisbane, and he is all signed up for the next 12 months. Now he is looking for somewhere to live. Darryl has been going on his bike rides and walks up Mt Archer, and Marc has been on holidays. He went to the Gold Coast for the Big Day Out, and has had a few relaxing weeks off. He is still regularly going wake-boarding.
I took a day off work, last week, to go to a couple of events. One was called 'Picturing Rockhampton' which was held at the Rockhampton Art Gallery and was about collecting old stories about the area. In the afternoon I went to a family history writing workshop which didn't really meet my expectations....but there you go - everything is a lesson!

My great-great Grandparents - John Turner Smith and Margaret Agnes Coutts