Thursday, 12 April 2007

Thursday 12 April 2007 - Gladstone

We had a great Easter! On Friday Darryl and I drove down to Gladstone, with Marc following in his car. We had a nice lunch with George & Eileen, and Darryl's brother, Kerry. They had not seen Marc for some time, so were really pleased to catch up with him, and we spent the afternoon chatting. Marc headed home, and Eileen and George came out with us to the Gladstone Harbour Festival. They found seats while Darryl & I checked out the stalls and side-show alley - stopping for a while to watch the snake show.

At 7pm the night entertainment started...and we watch the children's show, and a Reggae band, before the highlight of the night with the Buddy Holly Tribute Show. I was initially a bit sceptical...but I must say that we all really enjoyed the show. A big highlight of the night was seeing Anthea out with a friend. I cannot explain how fantastic it was to see her out without Kerry & Elizabeth! She looked fantastic and it is amazing to think that she will be 21 this year. She has such a great attitude at present, and is really looking forward to her next operation so that she will be able to walk again.

On Saturday morning, I thought that it might be interesting to check out the Kiteboarding championships which were being held at Tannum Sands. They were a bit slow getting started, as the wind wasn't quite right, but once they were up and going it was spectacular. Lots of them got out on the water, and we could not believe it that they didn't get their kites entangled. One of the guys, was really good, and jumped high in the air doing lots of stunts with his board. This is a link to the webpage with some great photos.

After that excitement, we had lunch with George & Eileen, and headed over to Kerry & Elizabeth's. Anthea was helping Elizabeth prepare for a dinner for friends that night. We stayed for a while and then returned to Agnes Street for Darryl to help George with a little project.

Sunday was a quiet day, and then on Monday Darryl & I went for a drive to Byfield to take some photos of the mountains, and also to go to a nursery up that way to get plants for the front garden. Darryl planted them in the afternoon, and they look great.

Yesterday I had a flex day and went out to the Central Qld University library to do a little genealogical research and give Gordon an orientation on where everything lives.

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