Thursday, 7 May 2009

Elliott Heads 2009

We have been living at Elliott Heads (near Bundaberg) since the beginning of March, and will probably be here for a few more weeks. The tenants moved out of our house, and Darryl decided that he wanted to do the house up. He has been busy putting in built-in cupboards, new laundry, and painting. I am working from Bundaberg Hospital (1/2 hour drive each way), but have spent some days of most weeks in Brisbane. 
The weekend we first came here, the cyclone was going past and it was 'very' windy! Since the wind has died down we have been able to have some lovely swims (although there is still enough wind for the kite-boarders). Darryl went fishing and caught some fish, but hasn't caught any since.

Marc came down to visit us - and help Darryl with some work. 

We spent a very quiet Easter just relaxing here, and have been having lots of outdoor BBQs. I have been very quiet on the internet as we only have dial-up and it is really slooooowww!!!! :-( (Also can't get the photos to behave as in change size or move to the correct places in the text - sorry!). The first photo is Marc on top of The Hummock (the only hill in Bundanerg). 
The second is the kite-boarders in the mouth of the Elliott River. 
As you can see, I went to the Bundaberg Rum Factory, then we have swimming at Elliott Heads beach. 

Pandanus on the heads, and the water dragon is a visitor at work (I am in the old staff quarters down by the Burnett River).

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  1. Hi from A&O............I see, this must be Elliott the friendly smiling dragon.........hmmmm, but according to the story-line only special people in need can normally see Elliott! Soooo we are all special!..... and what do we need? Yeh, we can think about many things we want - getting them is the problem - slowly and steady, we' ll working on it! Say hello from all of us to your family
    Have a great day! - May 14th 09