Sunday, 10 July 2011

Carnarvon Gorge


Left Rocky around 11am. Stopped at the park in Wowan for lunch. Skippy and her joey had a death wish west of Moura. Camped for the night at Expedition National Park.

07/07/11 7:20am Along Carnarvon road there is a memorial to a crashed airplane.
Arrived Carnarvon around 10.30, so had an early lunch and walked to Moss Garden very pretty with giant maidenhair, liverworts, and pepperomias. Grand escarpments, stringy bark, iron bark, spotted gum, tree ferns, Carnarvon Fan palm. Darryl went up a side gorge. Plenty of kangaroos and whip-tail wallabies, currawongs, apostle-birds, fish in Carnarvon Creek. 

We walked the nature walk on the way back to the campground, but it was pretty overgrown with weeds, and apart from an interesting bluff, was unremarkable.

08/07/11 2.9oC at 7am - Darryl took off early to go to the furtherest point along the gorge – Big Bend, while I had a more leisurely start to the day and around 8.30 walked to 'The Art Gallery' where there was 62 meters of aboriginal art, along a sandstone wall. It was a pleasant spot to stop for morning tea, before coming back down the gorge, checking out all the vastly different side gorges on the way back. Ward's Canyon has rare King Ferns, The 'Amphitheatre' is a hidden canyon with great acoustics. There were stag horns, false sarsparilla draped over everything with its bunches of purple flowers, native bluebells, alphitonia, broom.

In the evening the indigenous rangers put on a show, with songs, Dreamtime stories, and, unfortunately, given the cold temperature, a 'fake' fire consisting of red cellophane around a torch.

 09/07/11 2.4oC at 7am – A leisurely start to the morning. Darryl had missed the 'Amphitheatre' yesterday, so decided to go back and look at it today. He was not as enthralled by it as I had been. We chatted to some of the neighbours, and then walked to Boolimba Bluff lookout for a look over the gorge. There was the ubiquitous bracken, native daisies, native violets, native hops, a couple of varieties of wattle, one blooming, and one just about to come into bloom.

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