Sunday, 8 June 2014

Kroombit Daytrip

We took a Sunday Drive up to Kroombit with Noelene & Don.

A banksia spp in bloom.

The escarpment from the Lookout.
The view from the Lookout.

Don and Nolene.

The Lookout Platform.

Xanthorrea spp.

The new Rainforest Walk.

We saw this dead beetle but didn't see the 3 leeches which ended up sucking blood from me, and the one which tried Darryl!

This is the crash site of Beautiful Betsy. Undiscovered for almost 50 years.
More information is here: 

A nice surprise, as we were going around the 700m circuit was to catch up with a lot of friends from the Bushwalking Clubs, who are on the annual get-together.

A view of the Kroombit Escarpment on the road down.

Our vehicles.

A plains turkey (Bustard) decided to cross the road on the way home.