Saturday, 11 October 2014

Our Canadian Canoe

This is the story of our Canadian Canoe.

The fibre-glass shell was made on a mould from Townsville Canoe Club. Darryl adds the rails. 19 August 1979.

This was the first voyage - our honeymoon vessel, on the Herbert River in North Queensland.

Darryl catches fish for dinner.

Friends Ruth and Bob on the Burnett River, circa 1985.

Marc and Rachel at the Burnett River.

Darryl with Justin and Heather on Hedlow Creek Easter 2010.


At Callide Dam with lots of Red-claw in the pots in 2004.

Being taken for a paddle at Callide by 4x4 club members.


Overlooking Callide Dam with friends from the 4x4 club.

Our vehicle setup - on the road at Deepwater National Park in December 2003.

Last photos getting ready to sell on Gum-tree, November 2013.

On the road to Mackay 28 March 2014.

Safely delivered to it's new owner.