Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Blackdown Tablelands

Blackdown Tablelands

Glynn was leading a walk on the Tablelands in Easter and wanted to pre-walk it. About 4 of us went with him. The first walk was planned to be up a small creek that flowed into North Mimosa Creek at a waterfall to the track.
We parked the car a couple of hundred metres from the creek and walked down the track to meet up with Rod who was waiting beside North Mimosa Creek.

I had been to the waterfall a couple of years previously but that creek proved to be surprisingly interesting. Water was still flowing in the creek and it had some interesting vegetation and pools.

At one of the pools, Glynn took a swim while the rest of us had a bite to eat.

Further upstream we found the spot (on Google Earth) where it was hard to distinguish where the tributary we wanted to follow back to the road joined, and followed it back to the car. We then drove to the camp-site and set up for the night before having a swim in the murky waters flowing in the creek.

In the morning, we walked around the
Aboriginal Trail before heading upstream to meet the track Glynn wanted to cross over to the other tributary by. Most of the area was lush with regrowth after the recent fires that had gone through that area. The creek turned out to be interesting but it was only a short walk. On returning to camp, most of us packed up and returned home.


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