Saturday, 16 May 2015

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mount Sleipner after cyclone Marcia

Mount Sleipner

I wanted to see how much my favourite way up through the rainforest had been damaged and agreed to take a few up to the summit to look for a Geocache planted up there.

The changes to the vegetation and creeks since I last used that way had changed a lot and I found it difficult to recognise any of the landmarks that I usually use. The creek I use to climb over the ridge had broken branches blocking the way and we were slowed down by my removing them.
On dropping down to the rainforest, it was upsetting to see hundred-year old trees, vines, ferns blown over by the cyclone and dying or dead. Several times we were forced to leave the creek and follow the steep banked creek.

Damaged trees in the creek

Cyclone damage
When it was obvious it was a waste of time dropping back into the creek we followed the ridge around to the summit.

View from rockface
After finding the Geocache, we stopped at the steep rock-face for lunch before heading back down to the cars and home. I usually allow 6 hours for this walk when I lead it but this time it took around 8 hours.