Friday, 9 June 2017

Blackdown Tableland - 3

Overnight was a bit warmer. We drove to the start of Rainbow Falls walk. This was a fairly gentle walk down, but there were several trees across the track. 



The falls are just beautiful, with an azure pool at the base. The water was way too cold for us, but another couple, a German man and British woman who braved it. 



Darryl found the rope and ladder but didn't go down further. After a very relaxing time, we headed back up the 240 steps out of the gorge and went to the top of the falls, before going back to camp. I was lucky enough to see a small dragon, who darted off the path quickly, so no chance for a photo or proper identification, but the only reptile around.


Tony brought over his folio of bird photos for us to look at. They were fabulous.
Darryl had been for a walk around the campsite and spoke to another couple, Don and Penny, who came by our site while we were getting ready for our shower. It turned out that they were originally from Mt Isa, and my Dad taught him at school. Furthermore, Don worked with Darryl's cousin, Glen, and knows his other cousin John in Mackay! On top of that, John's wife, Sharon's brother was married to Penny's sister. I went to school with Sharon in Mt Isa too. What a small world!



  1. What beautiful photos of terrific scenery Chris. Certainly a very fit couple but well worth those steps.
    A small world for lovely for you all to meet up.x

  2. Looks amazing Chris and Daryl. Xx