Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A Day at the Races - Rockhampton

On Saturday Darryl and I did something that we have never done before - went to the races!

Rockhampton Business Machines were sponsoring a race a Callaghan Park, and had offered the opportunity for us to attend the lunch and entertainment. We arrived before the rest of the group, and were slightly lost, but after being directed found ourselves at the bar. Darryl had just organised drinks when Allyson and David arrived.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch, followed by a delicious dessert, and the afternoon glided by as we enjoyed the company of the others in the group.

There were 5 local races and we put bets on each. We tried all different techniques for picking the winners..from colours, to looking at the horses 'pluck', checking their form, and following tips! Luckily we ended up only $3 down for the afternoon - thanks to Darryl's betting skill making up for all my losses!

Allyson and Craig went down to present the prize for their race (photo on left). I must admit, I quite enjoyed myself, although I don't think I will take up 'going to the races' as a hobby.

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