Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Cawarral to Mt Chalmers

A car shuffle was required for this walk, as some of us were only going one-way, so Darryl and Ros headed off to leave our car a Mt Chalmers.

It was a lovely, but cool, morning and when they returned the group headed west along the railway easement. The first section had all the tracks and sleepers removed and had been bulldozed so the walking was very easy...just like walking along a gravel road. There were several casualties with several snakes crushed by the dozing (I took a photo of a Bandy Bandy Vermicella annulata a nocturnal burrowing snake), which had suffered this fate. Further along the easement we got to the point where the workers were loading sleepers on a truck, and after this the track was in various stages of removal, until we got to track which was untouched. Along the way we stopped for morning tea, and to wave to curious passing locals.

After around 7km of walking we arrived at Mt Chalmers and headed up to the museum, (click to see a photo) which was behind the school. We investigated the rooms, learning all about the history of Mt Chalmers and it's mines, and watched the interesting video. Lunch was enjoyed, before a tour of the township. Those who were walking back took off, as the ones returning home drove back with us to Cawarral to pick up their car. This photo is of the group on the Mt Chalmer's railway bridge.

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