Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Canada Trip - Montreal - Day 10

I am not quite sure what happened on Wednesday, but Darryl woke up really early and went out to read the online news. When he came back to bed, I got up as Shane was getting ready to leave for work, and I wanted to chat with him. It was overcast and when Darryl got up we did some shopping, the washing and packing for our flight to Ireland. Jess was on night-shift so she had been sleeping all day. She woke up then Shane arrived home from work. Winston finally started letting me pat his forehead. We had Baked Salmon (cooked by Shane) for dinner, and I did the veges. Shane then dropped Jess at work, and us at the airport. I can say that I am absolutely disgusted with QANTAS. The whole reason that I had gone for the more expensive QANTAS flights for this trip was so that we could access the Lounges for our flights, and any web research I had done (on their site) made me think I could do so, but apparently not! Eventually we boarded our flight and started to relax, (although it was 15 minutes delayed due to some technical issue – we never found out what it was). There are no photos for today.

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