Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Coming Home

Sunday was a lovely sunny day, but being Ireland there was a bus strike! We knew it was likely so booked a taxi for the airport. We ended up sharing with another girl from our accommodation. We were flying home on Emirates, and had to take evasive action for rough weather and another plane. Their planes have a similar feel to Singapore Airlines. I loved the entertainment system (with power for my netbook) and the “stars” on the ceiling once it was nightfall. The first leg, Dublin to Dubai was 7 ½ hours. Finally we were able to get into a lounge, the Emirates Business Lounge, which was very swank. We even had a daybed to sleep on (although there weren't a lot of them). We had arrived at midnight and flew out around 10am. We arrived back in Brisbane on Tuesday morning, and back in Rocky around midday. We pretty much opened the windows, turned on the hot-water system and then went to bed until dinner, when we headed over to the Frenchville Sports Club to have dinner with Marc. It was 'really' good to be home. 
The wow moment and biggest thrill of our trip was meeting our georgeous, intelligent, soon-to-be daughter-in-law, and mother of our first grandchild. Shane always has had great taste, and Jess is definitely the proof of it. 

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