Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ireland Trip - Dublin Day 2

As seeing the Book of Kells was high on my list of things to do in Dublin, we decided to go early on Friday morning. Although we arrived well before opening time, there was already a lineup, but no-where as long as on Thursday. It cost 17 euros for us both to go in, and there was a full display including the Book of Amagh, the Book of Mulling, and the Book of Kells. No photos were allowed inside that part of the display, but I was able to take some in The Old Library. The rest of the day was spend doing research at the National Library of Ireland. We enjoyed our dinner at O'Sheas Pub so much we returned. The street was still noisy at night but I slept a bit better.

Sculpture at Trinity College Dublin

The Long Room in The Old Library at Trinity College Dublin - that is SOME library!

A historic text

A book recording Inquisitions

Another illustrated manuscript

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