Sunday, 28 September 2014

Fitzroy River paddle

Fitzroy River 

Alan wanted to paddle the 41 km from South Yaamba to the canoe club and invited a few friends to go along. Chris and another canoe club member dropped us off at South Yaamba in the early morning fog and after unloading the canoes, headed back to Rocky. 

I must admit we were a bit worried as we knew there were at least 7 known crocodiles in the stretch of river we were about to paddle.
Alan set a cracking pace from the blocks and some of us struggled to keep up. 

After about two hours, we pulled up amongst paperbark trees for morning tea.

Further downstream, and about 17 km from the canoe club, we met up with another club member, Ian who took a few photos of us as we approached. Not long after that we paddled through an area of early season blue green algae.

Around midday, we stopped for lunch before continuing on our way to the canoe club. 

At one point I saw a beast the had been dragged into the river and left to rot, (crocodiles find it easier to break up and swallow like this).

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