Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mount Sleipner

Mount Sleipner 

I was keen to show the very fit group from the Mt Nicholson walk my way up Mt Sleipner and organised to take them. As it was a late start, I went for my usual paddle on the Fitzroy River before meeting everyone at the turn off to Nerimbera and leading them to the National Parks, where I left my car. I then jumped into John's car and we drove further along Arnold Drive to leave the car. We found an easy way to the Black's Creek and followed one of its many tributaries upstream. There had been a few major floods since the last time I was there four years previously and everything looked different as a result of the heavy scouring by large rocks. I usually opt to climb out of the creek early and follow another tributary up over a ridge, but as there were complaints about the lantana I tried to find the main tributary that passed up through rainforest. I thought I had found it and walked alone upstream for about 100m before turning back, (I later found out it should have been 200m). 

I mistakenly decided to continue walking upstream and when I realised I had passed the start of the creek, walked up one of the recently burnt out spurs to the summit.

That spur gave good views of Sleipner Ridge, (I have walked it in the past to the Summit).
After a short rest at the summit, we walked down to the rock face that gave good views of the Fitzroy River for lunch.

We stopped at the fossil patch on the way down to have a look around. Many small form fossils were found. Further down we were forced to leave the track to avoid upsetting a couple of intertwined snakes.


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