Monday, 31 August 2015

Asian Adventure - Osaka to Kyoto

We were really only in Osaka to work out what we are going to do when there on the cruise, so we did that and caught the Shinkensen to Kyoto. 

 Our bags were left at the hotel while we headed off to explore. First destination was the Nijo Castle, but as we arrived Darryl remembered that he had been told it wasn't worth the admission. We asked a man who had just emerged with his friends and he said 'don't bother' – in fact his friends had just gone to complain about the cost of going in to see nothing. So we abandoned that plan and took the bus east to Yasaka Shrine in the Gion area.
Ibis Styles Hotel near Kyoto Station

Ibis Styles Hotel

Kyoto Tower

We walked to other temples, shrines and pagodas. We found a place in the main street for lunch, and had a delicious 3 course meal for a really reasonable price 1200 yen or so. 
At all the places were young girls (and some boys) dressed in traditional costumes, and I got a few photos. We were told that if we went to a particular street we might see proper Geisha girls, but I am not sure if they were.

Kyoto Tower

We visited Kennin-ji Temple and then went to a shopping street in Gion area, once again to try and buy a pair of joggers for me. Heavy rain and a lot of walking meant the ones I had (new for this trip) were really dead. We eventually found something kind of suitable on the top floor of a department store. Women's sizes only go to 25cm, so I ended up with men's at 26cm.

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