Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Cruise Day 2 - Osaka

We woke with the plan of watching the ship dock in Osaka, but by the time we were ready to go up on deck it had already happened, so we went to breakfast. Once off the ship we tried to work out what we were going to do, and it started raining so eventually we decided on going to Osaka Aquarium, which was pretty much just next to us on the port. This aquarium was spectacular with huge deep tanks, holding 2 whale sharks, lots of rays, and other fish, and you basically to the lift to the top and then worked your way winding down seeing that, and other tanks, from various levels. There were birds, otters, primates, all with relevant fish in their water. There were fish from a freshwater sea, jellyfish, corals, seals, crayfish and crabs. 

While we were there several classes of very young primary school kids turned up in pairs, holding hands, and squealed in delight at all the exhibitions especially at the dolphins that continued to race and dive around their pool at speed.

Back on the ship we presented for our Japanese emigration, had some lunch (even though it was mid-afternoon), and went back to our stateroom for a rest (Darryl watched a movie). In the evening we went to a Comedy Showtime with Sam McCool. He really was quite funny, and popular, and I think they had underestimated that, as the bar was overflowing, and quite a few people couldn't get a seat. After that was Gaucho Del Plata, who did a show with twirling balls and whip-cracking, which was quite entertaining.

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