Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Asian Adventure - Kyoto - Day 1

Our first move was to catch a bus from Kyoto station out to Arashiyama area in the north-west. We got out beside the Katsura River and walked up the main street to see Tenryu-Ji Temple, then Nonomyla Shrine and the bamboo Grove. There were many other temples and shrines, but we declined to go into the ones which charged.

A bus took us back to the main street , where we bought some ham and cheese for lunch and took another bus across to the east of Kyoto to visit Ginkaku-ji Temple (the Silver Pavilion). It rained heavily on the way, but cleared by the time we arrived. We paid the entry fee 500yen each and really enjoyed the lovely gardens but were disappointed at so many areas barred to entrance. 

After a quick coffee, and a green-tea ice-cream, we started down the Philosopher's walk (south along a canal full of huge carp), until Darryl decided he had had enough and just as we turned back to the main road a huge thunderstorm hit and really heavy rain started pelting down. 

We got buses back to Kyoto Rail Station, and found a bar to have a meal of babyback ribs and buffalo wings, before a little grocery shopping and heading back to our room to enjoy a glass of saki.

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