Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Asian Adventure - Kyoto - Day 2

The Kyoto Botanical Gardens are purported to be the best in Japan, so we though we would start there, especially as the day was sunny with light clouds. We enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere, enjoying the plants, but were disappointed that the conservatory required an extra payment to go in, so skipped that.

 For the afternoon we had thought to go to the Museum, but didn't leave the gardens until 2pm. I made a mistake with the location and we ended up at Kyoto City Museum to start with. They wouldn't let us take photos inside, and with the entrance fee we decided to try the Kyoto National Museum. This would have worked out, but it was 3:30pm by the time we arrived, and only an hour and a half wasn't really long enough to check it out properly, so we headed back to the Hotel to freshen up.

Dinner was at the same Cafe-Bar as yesterday and we both had Baby Back Ribs (the most meat in one hit since we left home), and a beer. It was really enjoyable.

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